BlackGlass Window Tinting + More has been the offering white glove service since opening the doors in 2009. We strive to offer not only the best customer service in the industry, but we also combine it with the country’s top performing products to make the experience you receive for your vehicle 2nd to none. As we strive to make positive changes to our lineup of offerings, we decided in late 2021 to change all our vehicle detailing products to an IGL line of products. IGL unquestionably offers top notch products that are environmentally responsible. BlackGlass Window Tinting + More has always been protective of the environment, and responsible with recycling to help keep the neighboring Lehigh Valley area, they call home, beautiful.

Our decision to change the line of cleaning products was important to us to keep our employees and customers safe. The new line of IGL products offers a plants-based cleaning solution that works as well as or better than a chemical laden competitor. Although this commitment came at a cost to the business, it was well worth it for our, employees, our customers, their families, and of course our planet. Doing the right thing is part of Travis Yohe’s mission. Travis is the owner and President of BlackGlass Window Tinting + More, he makes decisions that are not only smart, but also responsible, protecting the planet for the next generation.

When deciding where to place his shop, the Lehigh Valley offered a unique position. We are centrally located between larger metropolitan areas yet tucked in the beautiful valley. This area encompasses the best of both rural and suburban life. With proximity to I78 you can easily travel between Allentown and New York City, however Rt 22 allows travel between, Fogelsville, Bethlehem, and Easton with ease. Since opening our doors many new farmers markets and indoor local markets have entered the market with remarkable success. So, Travis is again reminded of how important it is to stay true to his mission of protecting our environment wherever he can, offering sustainable, plant-based products.

BlackGlass Window Tinting + More is a preferred applicator shop. We are proud of this certification, using our knowledge and training to perform professional services to each vehicle that enters our shop. We gauge our success on feedback from our customers. When we received an email from Sandy from Bethlehem letting us know how happy she was to have her vehicle “feel like new,” a text from Laurie from Orefield letting us know how thankful she was that “all the dog hair and mud was out of her SUV, making it feel like when she first purchased it,” we can rest assured we are doing an excellent job detailing with our new line of IGL plant based cleaning products. Life happens, dirt, stains and odors happen, we are here to clean, freshen, and make your vehicle feel like “new.” Do not let our environmentally safe products fool you, they are tough! They will cut through the dirt and grime and bring back your vehicle helping to save your investment. Call BlackGlass Window Tinting + More today for a custom quote and find out how we can clean, polish, and protect your vehicle today.