At BlackGlass Window Tinting + More we understand that buying a vehicle is usually the 2nd largest purchase we make, after a home. Keeping your vehicle looking like new is key to a long satisfying ownership and high trade in or sales value in the future. Protecting your investment is easy with an application of Paint Protection Film (PPF) by our professionally trained & Certified PPF Technicians. With its self-healing properties debris from the road are no problem. The self-healing properties are heat activated either by the sun or heat of the vehicle’s engine. PPF has hydrophobic properties, meaning the water just repels off of your car.

Pennsylvania has many road hazards as the seasons change some examples are rock, salt, sand & cinders, none of these are a problem when you hire BlackGlass to professionally apply LLumar, Valor Paint Protection Film (PPF) to your vehicle. We have all had natural debris fall on our vehicles and then worried about paint damage until we could get to a car wash, as an example: bird droppings, PPF takes the worry away. Your paint is protected 24/7, and continues to look like new with very little effort. Allow us to help you enjoy the open road a little more. Your vehicle will look and feel great for the life of ownership. Protect your investment today, by contacting our office.

At BlackGlass Window Tinting + More servicing the Lehigh Valley area, we always seek out the very best products to service our customers vehicles with. There are several Paint Protection Film (PPF) manufactures available, however they are not all created equal. Llumar, Valor PPF offers approximately 25% more stain resistance than other inferior products. This offers you more protection from acid rain, bird droppings & tree sap.

Keeping your investment looking and feeling like new is our priority at BlackGlass Window Tinting + More, we have all of the tools needed to accomplish this at our state-of-the-art shop located in Coopersburg, PA. We have a comfortable waiting room for you to lounge in while your vehicle is being serviced. Our family atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming. Our staff can walk you through all of our services, you may want to have your interior detailed or windows tinted, while we are applying PPF to your vehicle. We have everything you need for a sleek ride on your next journey.