A clean car is much more than esthetics!

At BlackGlass Window Tinting + More we know first-hand how much damage can occur to a vehicle from dirt and debris. Your paint is the first thing people see when they look at your ride and keeping it clean will help keep that paint looking better longer. We do much more than wash away dirt, we clean, protect, and preserve the value of your vehicle. Winter weather road hazards can cause rusting issues on the under carriage of your vehicle, leading to major breakdown issues. It’s important to keep your vehicle clean and safe especially if you are looking to have your investment last.

We can help you care for your ride.

Our team of highly trained technicians are available for all your vehicle detailing and protection needs. We have a team who can apply paint protection film to your vehicle, offering 12 years of paint protection from Llumar, undoubtably the best on the market. We offer Ceramic Coating Services with products from IGL, an industry leader in car protection and cleaning product development. We also offer full detailing services inside and out, keeping your ride, ready for a road trip at any moment.

Don’t let the messy NE Pennsylvania winters scare you

We can keep your ride clean, & protected and ready all your upcoming adventures. We are conveniently located in Coopersburg, just minutes from Allentown, Bethlehem & Easton. With many local destinations only a few minute drive on either Rt. 78 or US 22, keeping your paint protected is must, as highway driving takes a toll on your paint. Don’t allow your precious investment to lose value when protection is just a call or click away with BlackGlass Window Tinting + More. We are available to answer any questions as you find the perfect protection package for your investment. Keep in mind we can protect your ATV, Tractors, Boats, Motorcycles & More.

If you can drive it, we can protect it! Call today!